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After Richard Roundheart became commissioner, the department’s growing public problems disappeared overnight. Morale improved until the growth of a clique of haves. They got choice assignments, all the overtime they wanted, and accelerated promotion. Anyone merely mumbling about crappy cops getting breaks gets special attention—the kind no one wants—from superior officers. Resignations are up, but the media portrays it as commissioner Roundheart getting rid of chaff and bad apples. In fact, many resign due to low morale and harassment.

Currently, the BPD is split. A plurality wants to fight the good fight, even topple the commissioner, his toadies, and whoever in government gives him cover. A large minority either gives the commissioner rock hard support or exercises stoicism. Those in-between don’t last unless they pick a side.

Like in many big city police departments, a few detectives and miscellaneous personnel dip their toes into the pool of the arcane. Don’t assume these are safe officials to deal with, though. Rumor has it at least one of them betrayed the trust of a frequent informant, and the White Court may still be taking its revenge upon her in a soundproof cell.


The Dresden Files: Boston Tyvent